issue #04 - Cover Max Duro & wolf rayet - ITALY

Bear Plus International - About is

Modern, updated and always daring! This is Bearplus that is moving the website (now it's .net), the site is dedicated especially to bears around the world. We have editions in three languages (Bear + Magazine ► Portuguese that is already more than 10 years in the market, Bear + International ► English and the news that is coming which is Bear + Latino ► Spanish) in the PDF's editions.

All of them are editions (bimonthly) and only the English version (Bear + International) is paid and has explicit nudity, in other languages it is free, but it has no nudity.

If you would like the free editions, it is necessary to register to obtain the magazines as well as the news that we are preparing for you.

issue #103 - Cover Max Duro - ITALY

Bear Plus Magazine

The Brazilian edition (Portuguese) already has more than ten years in activity within the bear community in Brazil.

Currently the edition is free (an edition is released every two months) showing a preview that may appears in the English version besides some special subjects that we will put within the editions during this year.

Web site designer will continue the same (with a few modifications) with original materials in English and Spanish within its pages of these languages, as well as the disclosure of material (now only in Portuguese) thus giving a wide variation of news where Bear Plus is interacting with all the bears in the world.

If you want to know a little about Bear Plus, we have a free edition (Portuguese) that can be sent directly in your e-mail, just register!

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