This bear is happy because his companion should be home early and so he will do "that relaxing massage".

The followers asked and once again we are showing a wonderful daddy to everyone's joy.

While LGBT parties are closed due to the covid-19, let's remember some cool moments like the Austrian Pitbull bear & butch party!

Look! Not everyone is so lucky to be kissed by two beautiful bears as pictured!

I assure you that you are crazy to hug this couple of bears and give them a lot of kisses, right?

Today is Woof Day! Hot Drawings and we will show this art of a stranger to see the talent of this professional!

While quarantining the world we are isolated, it does not cost to review some photos of bear parties around the world like the Italian Meat showing several go gos boys dancing on the tracks!

#tbt The cover of Bear Plus Magazine issue # 101 with the Argentine bear Alex Rosário interpertando a devil in the lens of photographer Rodolfo Hachen.

I wanted to eat a chocolate, my teddy! Then take a box full of them!

Daddy is saying that beer matches bear, they both love a beautiful night out where no one belongs to anyone!

Sunday is your day to take your pet for a walk in the park, agree?

"Honey, you saw that teddy that you hate so much! He decided to work out now!" "Poor thing, it will never reach the feet of us who have been working out for years!"

Greek Bear exists guys! This one must win many guerrillas with a look and the position of the butt ready to get the victory!

Today is Woof Day! Hot Drawings show the highlight of the week who is the designer who lives in the UK Vicentti

Nothing better to see a muscular, tattooed and charming daddy here on the Bear Plus website, do you agree?

There are only a few days left until the summer is over, I have a week to get well tanned!

"Shall we call that bear we see at Scruff?" and another says "Yes, I will call to pay a visit to our relationship!"

What daddy is this? Him receiving kisses from the other bearded daddies and we in the newsroom didn't even know about this photo!

Who never dreamed of meeting a colonel with a cigar in his mouth like this daddy there?

"I will need to check inside your prostate now." With a doctor like this, finger would be too small to do the exam!

Cowboy bear we always like, imagine this bear full body, world here would fall.

Readers were asking for more pictures of daddies, so we came back with another cute daddy to your delight!

What would you do when you found this muscler bear in a club?

Daddy bear wants you to bathe with him, would you?

In 2019, ESPN made a very bold cover showing that everyone can play sports while being overweight. Congratulations!

We are jealous of the bald man! Feel like hugging this big bear too!

After traveling in the subway wearing a mask, the big bear took the opportunity and took her out to have that coffee!

In summer, the bears really want to stay in a pool enjoying the sun, water and of course, the other bears!

When two bears kiss, the world explores passions and with this for our followers it is a joy to see such a scene!

While some of you are looking at the musical group that bears this bear's shirt, others are wondering what is below it!