"Interview Marcin Bo"

I met the Polish Marcin Bo (37 years old) in 2016 when he started tagging his photos in the Selfie Sunday section that Bear Plus has on Instagram and I realized that this handsome guy published cool photos and made good selfie.

In 2019 after being the highlight of the week, I decided to do an interview with him to learn a little about the bear universe in Poland. Born in ZAMOŚĆ and currently for five years now lives in WARSAW capital of the country.

Specialist in Trade Office has lived for five years with a beautiful companion who supports his publications, mostly sexy, he talks a little about his routine, his goals and why he loves to take a good photo.

Photo :Pawel Spychalski

Marcelo Gomes :How did you know the universe of bears?

Marcin Bo :A few years ago friend added me to the Polish bearstyle group on facebook,from there I know about the Bears of Poland association. Since then I was actively involved in various events organized in my country. As one as the group's administrators I helped in the development of groups, I also became interested groups and Bers websites around the world. In 2017 I started as participants in the election for the title of Mr. Bear of Poland 2018

What are your goals that have not yet been achieved?

I try to improve my English to communicate easier to meet new people. I'd like to learn about bear community in other countries.

Many of your posts on Instagram are always with your partner, does he support your desire to make sensual and even erotic photos?

My partner worked as fashion stylist and he had contact with world of photo sessions many times. Mostly he worked with female models, he have a little different perception of nudity and body, he met a lot with nude body wthen they has fitting on fashion show or change close on fashion editorial. For him it is just body part of you work, or artistic expression. He supported me on my foto session and he gave me some ideas and suggestions.

Photo : Pawel Spychalski

What do you think about having a happy sexual relationship?

For me happy sexual relationship is when both partners are honest each other and are not afraid to talk about their needs. This is a good way when you first set the rules or mature for it.

There are people who are still afraid to appear in sexy photos as you usually do, what advice would you give to this person

Photo : Pawel Spychalski

I think it is an individual matter of everyone. Convince someone to bolder sessions is the question if he accepts himself as he is and if there is no problem with thi own nudity.

The bear community in Poland is still shy, but in recent years they are starting to stand out on the world stage, could you explain what led people in the community to participate in the events and even the calendar?

This situation is slowly changing. thanks to the association Bears of Poland who represent our country. On the occasion of such trips, many people made contacts with bears from abroad, and this later resulted in some closer contacts, taking part in events, etc.In the case of the calendar, it was probably largely the personality of a photographer who was able to convince people to this project. And the amazing charm of these pictures, their artistry. I think so.

It was real and allowed people to say "yes, I'm a bear, I look like I look and I'm not ashamed of it". We are talking about the calendar during the Arrested Movement session.

Although we are in the middle of a pandemic from Convid19, do you still want to travel to another country and which would be the first on your list?

At the moment, all travels are not recommended, I think that when they manage to control a pandemic I will definitely plan a vacation. But for now I don't want to risk my health and the health of others. I would like to see my friends from Greece. My dream is to go to Bali one day

Are you one of the few who always tag your photos for the Bear Plus profile (since 2015 has the newsroom noticed this detail), which led you to tag your photos for the various profiles on Instagram?

I think popularity and number of followers on instagram increases when you become noticed. Sites such as the Bear Plus allow you to show yourself on a larger scale, in this way you can also make new interesting contacts. I identify with the image of the "bear", which is why I try to show different sides of the "bear" and my followers can see that.

If you liked Marcin Bo and would like to meet his profile on Instagram, click here to access his profile.

Photo : Pawel Spychalski
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