Profile - Kristian Mr. Bear Belgium

When it comes to men's beauty pageant, it is not only the tanned and shaved that is spoken, there are various types of contests, such as plus size, leather, cub, kids and among other biotypes that we look at in the media in general.

In the early 90's when there was no internet, bears also held beauty pageants. Yes, the hairy, overweight, sometimes far from having the beauty of the LGBT media would like to have in their magazines, the bears did well organized and well contested competitions.

Today, with the help of the internet, people started to get to know the bear universe and seeing against starting, the contests that they saw in nightclubs and nightclubs attracted attention.

In Brazil, the contests appear timidly, sometimes leaving them unnoticed by other countries, perhaps because of religious issues or because most bears are afraid to appear in these contests on the part of the family, unlike in Europe, the United States and even by Mexico who make beautiful contests that mix online and real.

Belgium is a good example, in addition to having an exclusive profile on social networks, they hold fundraising parties for the event and help to publicize other winners from other countries. Last year's winner was the beautiful Kristian, 37-year-old director of photography, tall (6'36'' feet and 212 pounds), friendly and always smiling.

October 3, 2019