Bear + Gold - Issue #01 - (Model Walter).

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The Rodriguean’s universe is present nowadays in memory of Daddy Waldir who was born in a great time of Playwright, where weekly wrote several short stories in the newspaper "Última Hora" [Last Hour], and always spoke about adultery, prejudice, brides and weddings as a picture of Rio society in the 50s.

Of course it is not what we’ll talk about, after all, the book found in Waldir’s house is an inspiration, we will use in this Valentine’ mouth because of love, betrayal and hatred themes that are the key to a beautiful plot, with this 60-year old Daddy (who doesn’t seems it).

Events coordinator for elderly people, with 1.82 meters and 87 kilos, he says he is well settled in his life, next to his companion, almost 11 years together. "I consider myself as person who is well with life. I try to take things in a quiet way. I’m always kind, affectionate and outgoing. I have worried too much about the past and was looking forward to the future, now I just want love and peace, "says Waldir.

Of course, always in real life, we find reasons to make beautiful texts, such as Nelson Rodrigues’ texts, which, in the 50s, showed a relationship of everyday life, but in the following pages, Waldir’s temptation and daring could be subject for a tale in the old newspaper.

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Cover (Photo):Marcelo Gomes de Andrade (Brazil)