Special Reports

"Fierte Ours de Paris", bear event in the most charming city of Europe!

In bear's universe we always have something to think about when we first talk about them, parties, for example, is something that never goes out of style, much less do not cease to exist.

Some of them already draw attention by the number of participants, others by programming and others of course see beautiful, muscular, hairy and bellied bear that appear shirtless, showing the sensuality.

In Spain we have Mad.Bear and in the United States the well-known Provincetown Bears that even was featured in film as the "Bear City".

However, there is a community that does not see in parties held in saunas and nightclubs very modern and hectic but yes, boat trip by the river Seine, a picnic in the park, walks in museums and restaurants being part of a script that lasts at least five Days.

It has the traditional party in the nightclub in the city of Paris!Yes, there is this type of event for the bears, Fierte Ours de Paris which is complemented this year the ten years of activities has this type of proposal differentiated to all.

A night with the bears in the cities of Spain

Night goes on with the crowd completely dominated in thebears, normal in the night of Seville, going out of a placed already crowed at afternoon and I was waiting for another party where only men could enter. The gate was open, with someone crouching behind the queue, without any difficulty to pass from below, called Extravagantha Cristo, professional drag queen, she worked as a travel agent in the Hercules promenade, originally the most ancient garden of Europa.

Familiar Conflicts

Life is not a fairy tale, and this is known when some does not know how to control his wishes and to show to everybody to like, actually, of a person equally like him as a life companion. Nowadays, there are still guys and ladies face family prejudices to admit to be gay, even with technology and media showing clearly the gay universe, good part of them banish their sons from home and condemn them to be this way as if there were not existed a fight to reclaim more than 25 years of fight about our rights, extending rights to get married in civil state, to adopt and have benefits from a companion who works, like providence.