Bears Personality

Buck (USA)

Continuing the "Profile Bear" section with the most cultured, romantic, and daring bear living in the borough of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Buck is 43, he is a landscape architect with his 5'-10 "And 205lbs.

Thor Golden Cub (USA)

We continue with the series of featured personalities that Bear + International is doing, this week we will show a bit of a teddy bear living in the universe where people fantasize about characters from superheroes, cartoons and television series, known as " Cosplay ".

Golf'N'Cigars (USA)

We´re starting this brand-new edition which now holds a delicious piece of someone who surely draws our attention,not only for his 'selfies' posted on Instagram - we made sure to check them out and so should you! - but also these folks prove us they can be interesting, charming and polite, unlike some others out there who only try to show off and collect "likes"on social networks.