Drake Jensen (CAN)

Many think that LGBT music is only made by Drag Queens singers such as Chi Chi La Rue and Ru Paul, as pop artists Boy George and Johnny Hooker, as bisexual singers like Brazilians Daniela Mercury and Angela Rô Rô, but in the world of country music also has its gay side.

In Brazil and the USA, prejudice continues to roll and even leave some inside the closet, but in Canada since 2012, a beautiful bear has dared this during the beginning of his career by revealing that he was gay and well-married, leaving several people perplexed with attitude his.

Drake Jensen to this day is the world's best known community singer, not for his songs that speak of prejudice, bullying and the joy of being gay, but also for the struggle of the human rights and the direct of homosexuals.

At age 47 and married for nine years with his friend, confidant and entrepreneur Michael Morin, he gave in to the interview and photos so readers could look at his sensual side photographed by Corvidae Studio Photos (Jonathan Edwards) talking about his early career, the bear community in their country and how to live in harmony with their struggle with their songs.

Dj LeatherBig Wolf (ITA)

Wolf currently known by his nickname LeatherBigWolf is the artistic and creative director of the Haus Mein Gott company that is showing the world about the behavior of the leather universe, in which a good part of the public still has prejudice and at the same time draws attention and curiosity in this world full of wonderful discoveries.

The company that since October will be part of our partners showing some of their creative and daring work (see photos) of this great professional who was born of a traditional family, where he was expelled from home at 15 and at that time began to know the universe leather where he became an active member and struggling for the cause of the community that is only now expanding in the world.

Miles Evan Windsor (AUS)

Miles Evan Windsor. This is the name of the man! A gorgeous exemplar of male coming from the other side of the planet, from the island of many handsome man like Mel Gibson, Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe.

Handsome, in his 51 years, this ‘ginger polar bear’ born in Brisbane, lives nowadays in Washington, USA; he is an example of maturity associated with toughness. A big bear in the way you like to see. Besides being civil servant (from which department, please?), Miles is also graduated in Computer Science, he is a photographic model – where he is known as a top bear that can be saw in the renowned magazine Mascular Magazine, having many been in many Bear party campaigns around the world – and actor – having participated in the clip “Drive” from the singer Doug Strahm and the short film “Fire” director Freddy Gonzalez.