Bear Collection (magazine)

Chris Miller (USA)

Chris Miller is an engima. He is a handsome bear that turns heads when he is out in public, but he is a private person and prefers to stay that way. He has many acquaintances, but few very good friends. He is an articulate well spoken man, but very soft spoken also. Chris is all about his friends and family, which includes his two dogs.

I met Chris through a mutual friend even though he and I only lived less than a mile apart. Our paths never crossed until that day we were introduced. I knew right away that I wanted to photograph Chris, and in his usual manner he agreed to it. He is naturally photogenic and not shy in front of a camera at all.

Fabrice Claude

Jonathan Lemieux Photographer is a multidisciplinary artist who currently lives and works in Montreal. His photos and collages have been shown in magazines Bizco, Bress, Elska and Mascular.

Jonathan is obsessed with daddies (furry or not). He says he met Fabrice Claude (daddy) in a social media, and was immediately attracted by his incredible sculptured body, and it’s surprising sensuality. For him, is what he calls the epitome of daddiness, this sexy mature raw energy that makes his knees, and hard as a rock (in mincing words horny when shooting Fabrice).

Renato Malfertheinert (BRA)

Renato Malfertheiner is such a flawless daddy bear. Having fun by leaving us drooling with his mature and perfect beauty, this businessperson from São Paulo is a man who lives his life intensely, and determined with himself that he will not be “worried about what people think”.

Personified with one of the most loved fetish – the Bear Businessman – Renato takes advantage of it and uses his daily life to toast us with the best of his sensuality, captured with the spirited lens of Ale Benites, and completing the scene in a luxury room, with so many toyes to tease even more our imagination!