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Mr. Bear Belgium

When it comes to men's beauty pageant, it is not only the tanned and shaved that is spoken, there are various types of contests, such as plus size, leather, cub, kids and among other biotypes that we look at in the media in general.

In the early 90's when there was no internet, bears also held beauty pageants. Yes, the hairy, overweight, sometimes far from having the beauty of the LGBT media would like to have in their magazines, the bears did well organized and well contested competitions.

Today, with the help of the internet, people started to get to know the bear universe and seeing against starting, the contests that they saw in nightclubs and nightclubs attracted attention.

In Brazil, the contests appear timidly, sometimes leaving them unnoticed by other countries, perhaps because of religious issues or because most bears are afraid to appear in these contests on the part of the family, unlike in Europe, the United States and even by Mexico who make beautiful contests that mix online and real.

Belgium is a good example, in addition to having an exclusive profile on social networks, they hold fundraising parties for the event and help to publicize other winners from other countries. Last year's winner was the beautiful Kristian, 37-year-old director of photography, tall (6'36'' feet and 212 pounds), friendly and always smiling.

He conquered the judges of the contest by making a discussion in favor of diversity. "For me it does not matter the color of your skin, your religion, your nationality, your social status, your sexual orientation and / or preferences and it never will. As long as you're a decent human being and you do not try to force yourself onto others - you're more than welcome in my world. And the best thing that we could embrace trough unconditional equality is diversity trough diversity we could improve our selves ... "

Bear Plus interviewed Kristian to learn a little since man that showed that being a bear is not having beauty, but wisdom.

I love being naked and if I have the chance I would live naked ... 24/7. Sexy, daring

What led to this type of contest?

Since a kid I was treated as “good for nothing” by my family, at school, by my so called friends so in order to survive I had to close myself and live like an outcast. Due to that I always stayed aside and observed life passing me by. As I recently relocated to another country a lot open minded than my own I felt ready for a change but in order to make it I needed a serios challenge, a challenge I could not bail out of… and that’s pretty much it. Oh… I forgot to mention that I didn’t knew absolutely anyone so it was a way to meet new people as well.

Were you afraid you would not win the title?

Not at all as just entering the contest was already a huge win for me. And as I took it quite serious I did the unthinkable(in my own eyes of course) I came out of the closet… for my family and for all my friends... did it via FB. So I finally faced up my biggest fear that was slowly killing me from within… and damn what a relief it was… so once again – No, I wasn’t afraid at all and I believe that this helped me a lot to win.

Kristian (center) next to the vice and 3rd place in the contest final in October last year in Belgium. - Photo : !photoholic!

After winning the contest, has your life changed?

Yes it has… a lot. I started changing it in order be a good example as a Mister. I started doing everything I was afraid to do before and a lot more. And the changes started taking enormous proportions… I still can not believe it. It is so damn good!

About the bear community, how did you meet the bears?

Well here I could speak a lot but will keep it for later. I go out there, where by out there I mean bars, saunas, parties, elections, and all sorts of events and face them. And what I do is I go to the people that are not that friendly as the people that are friendly are easily approachable. I try to establish contact beyond the regular questions “single or not”, “top or bottom”, “dick size” and I try to really enjoy myself… and damn I am good at that lol. So I should say that I’ve met so many amazing people… a lot more than the stupid, ignorant and egocentric queens poisoning the community.

Kristian enjoys extreme sports and loves to be naked during the winter, showing the beautiful body he has!

Continuing to talk about the community, what do you rate about bears within the LGBT community, is there prejudice among gays in your country?

Prejudice… I wouldn’t define it like that. It’s more like ignorance and hypocrisy. Sad people who go out there buy an image and after wearing it for a week they start judging people and as they are weak they create their small groups of likeminded fools and that’s the biggest and most difficult problem to resolve. In my country of origin there is a saying “The thief shouts “Catch the thief.”” If we manage to fight that the people with the prejudices are so much easier to educate.

Have you taken several sexy and daring photos, never had a problem with nudity? Never thought about doing an erotic photo essay for a magazine?

Hah… that was one of my other big fears… or two. One was to take the camera and the second one was to stand in front it. I love being nude and if I have the chance I would live naked… 24/7. Sexy, daring... I think I could give a new definition to those beautiful words. Doing an erotic photo essay is the challenge I am waiting for.

Kristian speaking during the Mr. Bear Belgium contest in 2018 - Photo : !photoholic!

Are you married? What's the secret to finding the right person to get married?

I am not married. Happily partnered since two years and to be honest I do not want to be married as my love does not fit into the material aspect of a marriage. But I could tell you my secret to find the right person to do whatever you want to do.. it is to never give up as HE is out there and HE is also looking for you and if you feel that you have found him… be painfully honest. if HE is the one he will turn the painful truth into an endless orgasm.

What advice would you give people who are considering joining Mr. Bear's contests?

Do it… if you’re scared, that means you’re on the right path. It is the most amazing thing that has happen to me and it helped me so much to finally be who I really am and to represent a country that I love, even if I live here for less than 3 years. It is really amazing.

If you liked Kristian and would like to meet his profile on Instagram, click here to access his profile.

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