Trend in bear community!

“I can´t find something that fits me in the fiscal sense, however, of course there´s no such a thing like a store about it, why? It was said in one of the e-mails we received in our editorial staff, and during a year and a half I began researching why there nothing in the Brazilian Bear community about the fashion universe.

Some factors shows that today, opposing to other countries that always have something to show to the Bears that is possible to be snazzy, using panels, with many top Bear models and interesting calls, as an example, that attracts the Bear´s audience.

Leaving the den: The bear-person configuration in the milieu of the heterogeneous discourse of the bear "Community"

My name is Ítalo Vinícius Gonçalves. I live in Belo Horizonte - Brazil. I am 21 years old and an Anthropology student in the Federal University of Minas Gerais. I have been part of the Bear community since sixteen years old when some friends introduced me to it. I have taken the expression “Bear” to identify a personality trait that I have. I began to make part of the relationships maintained in this universe which I have inserted me in many ways and from an external reality from which most people do not know about the existence of our community.