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Bear Tony

Tony Elias (Tony Bear) was born in Syria and took refuge from the war and is living outside the city of Southampton (UK)

Interview by Marcelo Gomes de Andrade June 07, 2017 Personality Bears

Continuing the "Profile Bear" section we will show a Syrian bear living in England, Tony Elias who is Creative Director, model and painter.

Bear Tony styling on Instagram

Known as Bear Tony on Instagram where he publishes some photos showing his day to day. At age 37, with 6'- 2 "and 275lbs, with his well-muscled and brave look (looks a lot like the character Bluto of the Popeye cartoon) and only knew the bear community two and a half years ago when he came across the page Of BearMais Instagram.

He is currently model for a clothing brand bear Themoodybear and in the page of the Instagram he always comes across a duck where he leaves free at all times of the house, from the kitchen to the bathtub, showing that it is a bear that loves to live with animals .

Born in Syrian city Latakia and is still discovering the bear universe in Britain where he currently lives around the town of Southampton, a rural area where he is worshiping he lives.

We interviewed him to find out what it's like to hang out with people who live daily looking at your Instagram profile (@beartony79) where he poses sensually there!

How did you know the bear universe?

I follow you on Instagram, love your page with all the hot bears you feature.

What are your goals that have not yet been achieved?

hehehehe.. Ideally to have a million pound in my bank account and have sexy open minded partner. No seriously, I am happy with the way my life is, being in the UK I feel protected and surrounded with lots of good friends who become my family away from my country.

Bear Tony with his pet duck

Tell us a little about this Buck we are meeting!

My name is Tony Elias, I am originally from Syria, living in the UK for 4 years. The New Forest is my where I live, with lots of domestic animals.. including cows, peacocks, chickens, ducks and geese. You may think I am a farmer by trade, but in fact I am graphic and web designer, love to illustrate and sketch and I just love putting creativity into action while designing interactive website.

How can you keep this body so wonderful!

My body Wonderful? Lol, well I guess living on the farm, looking after the animals and working in my garden does help to keep in shape. I personally haven’t been to gym for over 10 years, being active is the key oh and eating good food too.

Nowadays, many bears are popping up and posing with various brands of corporate clothing that involves in the bear community. How do you rate this growing universe?

It's a good publicity and definitely is a good thing on so many level, those brands represent who we are as LGBT community, also by buying those products we are supporting the community and helping one another.

Always photographed next to a duck, do you like animals a lot?

I love all animals, Geese and ducks specially.. as I hatch them and hand raise them myself, Geese for example are Imprint on me from the moment they crack the shell of the egg, and they are great guard animals too.

How do you assess your local bear community, what is missing to improve?

To be honest I am still new to the bear community myself, lived most of my life in the middle east, and I am still discovering this great, I try and attend to the most of the local events such as prides and bear events, those sort of gatherings are the right place to boost self-confidence and are a great opportunity to meet those hot men from social media sites and have a chat with them.

Do you still want to do something spicier (an erotic photographic essay) to claim your followers?

I always do prefer spicy shots, and I am currently working on new photoshoot includes some nudity.

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