New York stands for Equality

English Photos : Angel Vega

As we go through difficult times in the United States with racial divisions the Bear Community of New York City is standing together to fight for all our brothers and sisters who come from other lands to find safety and a better future.

The Deep End

On August 3rd, Three Bears and a Cub, conducted a fund raising to support the Immigration Equality Movement. Passionate for our community, Joe Mannetti, Mister International Daddy Bear 2009, shared a story about how his family migrated from Italy seeking a better life after the war. Thats the reason why he started raising funds for Immigration Equality, along to Dan Jimenez, Mister New York Unlimited Bear 2018, George Williams, Mister New York Unlimited Cub 2018 and Jed Ryan, Mister North American Bear 2012. The event was celebrated at The Deep End, an artsy bar located in Ridgewood, New York. Various performers from the community shared their talents. It was a night full of joy and unity

The 2019 Crowning Moment!

We have a new team of Kings to represent New York and New Jersey in the next Mister Unlimited Bear and Cub 2019 to be held in Hickory, North Carolina in October 3-6.

Sir Onix Buddah was sashed as Mister New York Unlimited Bear 2019 along to Robert Benedetto as the new Mister New York Unlimited Cub 2019.Kenny McGill, is our new and first ever Mister New Jersey Unlimited Cub 2019 and will be representing the State at the national contest.

The New York community is known to be pioneers with human rights and I was glad to see our people still standing strong together against inequality.


Robert Benedetto

Winner Mister New York Unlimited Cub 2019. is Robert Benedetto. He says he spent the early years of my career traveling the world. When I finally settled in New York, I found residence and went to play Rugby for the Gotham Knights. With this sport he says he has changed his and helped him find confidence. He says he is now more inspired to help raise funds to make sure that men's beauty pageants last for generations. He says he's excited about Mr. NY Unlimited Cub's platform and all the people he can reach through it.

Kenny mcgill

Kenny McGill, he resides in Laurel Springs NJ! He is 23 years old, besides being a gogo-cub, he works at Starbucks. The favorite singer is Sam Smith for being an up-and-coming artist, he is one of the most remarkable personalities of all time! He said he can't wait to win the bears and attend other events within the bear community, he confesses that Enjoyed winning this new category and is honored to be the first to receive the title of Mister New Jersey Unlimited Cub 2019!

Sir Buddah Onix

Mr. Unlimited Bear NYC 2019 Buddha Onyx is a native NYC Chef, Leatherman & Kinkster. He is currently a manager at a trendy salon in SoHo and the Owner of a small catering business “Flavor of Buddha“. This full brother of Onyx New York Northeast has years of experience volunteering and advocating against adult bullying in POC LGBTQI spaces.

material written by Angel Vega

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