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  • nov 02 - 2019

Continuing the "Profile Bear" section with the most cultured, romantic, and daring bear living in the borough of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Buck is 43, he is a landscape architect with his 5'-10 "And 205lbs.

Buck says that he is a kind person and loves to always stay with his family and friends he did for the city where he was born and still lives. He says he has always struggled to have his professional goals with a lot of dedication.

He says he spent a lot of time directing business that he himself began to plan from an early age visiting various gardens across the country and to have wisdom as to the art of deploying in the mansions and even simple houses where he showed his talent.

Always showed on his Instagram page that he opened over two years ago, showing a different style of getting used to, going to the theater, concert, even in some very elegant events.

He's a romantic who likes giving flowers to his partner, believes in body contact and says that to be the ideal man for him, he has had a bulky belly to rub, a great personality for him to be impressed with. Did you like Buck? So check out the interview and some pics that you sent us specially to the Bear + International website, guarantee you will be thrilled with it.

How did you know the bear universe?

I had a few friends who were in the Bear scene in Washington, D.C. and New York. They introduced me to some other Bears and my friendships grew from there.

What are your goals that have not yet been achieved?

I'm a country boy. I grew up in a small town in a rural county, where I still live. I have university degrees in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and I own a landscape design business. I love to cruise around in my 1931 Ford antique car on the weekends. I kayak in the river all summer, and ski in the mountains all winter. I travel to Europe every year to see gardens, Architecture, and my many friends I've met over the years.

I sing tenor in a classical choir, and I play the piano for fun.

I'm a talkative guy, who flirts with everyone, and I wear my heart on my sleeve, so you'll know if I've fallen for you.

Tell us a little about this Buck we are meeting!

I am attorney in California. I do love my work. I denied my sexuality for a long time, but in my mid 30s, after divorcing, I have discovered that it's OK to be myself.

How can you keep this body so wonderful!

My body is pretty natural. I'm beefy and hairy. I work out at home a few months every year, but I've never been good at keeping up a regular routine. Skiing in the winter helps keep me in a bit of shape, as does gardening in the summer.

Usually English bears are more cultured and discreet, are you proving that this is not it?

I'm an American man of English and German decent. I don't know how discreet I am. I am pretty open with everyone about being gay. I am lucky enough to live in a very gay friendly area, so I've not had to ever be discreet. And I'm fairly flirtatious. As far as being cultured, I suppose I am. I love classical music, theatre, and art. I attend the symphony and concerts regularly. I'm a big reader too, classic and new novels keep me awake all night sometimes.

What do you think about people's behavior by Instagram in showing their nudity, where the social network itself delete photos with this type of content.

I believe the human body should be praised and shown. We are the only animal that covers up. Instagram has rules though, and I typically am a rule follower. If I have a post removed due to explicit nudity or violation of the rules, I am not surprised, and I accept that I pushed past the boundary too far.

Many should send through your Instagram inbox, some sex conversations with you, already received an indecent proposal through the inbox?

I meet a lot of guys online. So many of them are wonderful. I can't say I'm very excited to hear a simple "Woof." I know they mean well though. I'm not that into faceless pictures of a guys private part.

Must be a person who loves to travel, the city he met and that does not come out in your head?

I do love to travel. Are you asking which city is my favorite destination? And which is one I'd live to go to, but have not? London is my favorite urban destination. The men are handsome, and the culture runs deep. Music, theatre, art, and history are everywhere you turn, so I am always entertained. I also love skiing in the Italian Dolomites, where I stay in a small bed and breakfast in a tiny Alpine village. It's so peaceful and beautiful. A great place to cuddle on a cold evening with a handsome, furry man. There are many places that I would still love to go. India, Japan, and Brazil are on the top of the list.

Do you go to nightclubs, for example, pubs, and what do you think about LGBT ballads in your city?

I have a couple local gay bars that I enjoy. It's a small town, with a nice gay scene. Some nights I sit around and chat, some nights I sing at the piano bar, and some nights I dance like a crazy, sweaty, fool! When visiting New York, I tag along with my friends to the bear bears, and in London it's always the Duke of Wellington, and XXL.

If you liked Buck and would like to meet his profile on Instagram, click here to access his profile.

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