Golf 'N' Cigars

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  • Out 26 - 2019

We´re starting this brand-new edition which now holds a delicious piece of someone who surely draws our attention,not only for his 'selfies' posted on Instagram - we made sure to check them out and so should you! - but also these folks prove us they can be interesting, charming and polite, unlike some others out there who only try to show off and collect "likes"on social networks.

This Bear+ International has got four series picturing four people totally differnt among them, having each one his uniqueness and life style. We want to start this series with the American Larry gold, who lives in California and loves sharing with us his two major hobbies: playing gold and cigar collecting: including it several brands and sofistication. He also enjoys taking pictures pressuring them in his lips and, sometimes, scantly dressed or even naked!

He is know on Instagra, by his username Golf'N'Cigars, now it´s come the moment to know and appreciate this gorgeous 55-year-old man, in his 5'10 ft and 196 lbs, who is also passionate about a night scenario picture, always holding a cigar in his mouth.

How did you know the bear universe?

Thanks to Instagram, I have opened my mind to the joys of the bear world. I never felt comfortable with my body until recently. It’s a whole new world for me.

What are your goals that have not yet been achieved?

I'm really pleased with the confidence I've gained. Having this exposure is a dream come true. I’ve toyed with the idea of being in an adult film, maybe that’s my next goal.

Tell us a little about this Larry we are meeting!

I am attorney in California. I do love my work. I denied my sexuality for a long time, but in my mid 30s, after divorcing, I have discovered that it's OK to be myself.

To keep this beautiful belly, what do you do to keep it?

Like a bit of everything, but I can not go without my pizza which is my favorite food!

One of the reasons that draws attention to your profile is that you have a fetish about smoking cigars, how did you begin to have this desire to appear smoking?

I've been smoking cigars regularly for about 15 years. I find it very relaxing, whether having a cigar at home, admiring bears and a cigar bar, or while golfing. I think Cigars are sexy.

Golf should be a hobby that enjoys (seeing the photos), usually do not appear many bears doing this sport, why?

Maybe there are not many professional golfers that are bears, but I do see a lot of them on the course.

Many should send through your Instagram inbox, some sex conversations with you, already received an indecent proposal through the inbox?

I meet a lot of guys online. So many of them are wonderful. I can't say I'm very excited to hear a simple "Woof." I know they mean well though. I'm not that into faceless pictures of a guys private part.

Have you ever been married? What is your opinion on same-sex civil union?

I was married to a woman for a few years. As for same-sex marriage, I was opposed to it for a long time but I have change my mind in the last few years.

If you liked Golf 'N' Cigars and would like to meet his profile on Instagram, click here to access his profile.

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