Bear Plus Gold #02 - (english)

Tancredo Butt (USA)

Tancredo Buff is sexy and naughty, this is a hot Daddy, 52 years old, born in the city of Caguas (Puerto Rico) and now he lives in the great metropolis New York. Tancredo Buff, who has done a bit of everything in life, he worked as photographer, as deliveryman, as traveling salesman. He is currently unemployed and freelancer sexy masseur in some saunas.

He is Studying to have the certificate to become a professional in the field, single, newly divorced of a 14-year relationship, he says that he is a very homely and cook lover and dare with various recipes that he has learned in his native country.

He likes to hear good music and, during this interview that you will follow, he says that he doesn’t forget his first scene and also how he entered the pornographic universe.


Total pages: 54

Cover photographed:Lester Blum (USA)

Highlights: Fernando (BRA) , Cleber Henrique (BRA) and Bear Stevens (CAN)


The magazine has explicit nudity (only for those over 18 years of age)

bear plus international (english)