Bear Plus International #04 - Max Duro & Wolf Rayet (ITA)

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Max Duro is currently conquering several people around the world with his erotic videos, and of course, everything is done in the CAZZO company that specializes in pornographic videos and has accepted our invitation to debut the new phase of Bear + that will have news this year.

Friendly this green-eyed Italian, just 26 years old who entered the pornographic universe just over 3 years ago, he says he always liked to appear for the public and after years as Barmen came as Go-go boy in nightclubs in Italy .

He is 6,00 feet height in the 189,60 pounds, this handsome furry guy who graduates in Computer Science and whit his 0,66 feet of “talent” he shows with pleasure at the rehearsals of the Italian company 4M Pictures that debuts as a partner in this edition, he says that is still in pursuit of a great love!

If you were interested in learning more about Max, see below the interview we took with him and see the pictures that 4M Pictures prepared for the readers of Bear +

48 pages

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