Bear Plus International #03 - Miles Evan Windsor (AUS)

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Miles Evan Windsor this is the name of the man! A gorgeous exemplar of male coming from the other side of the planet, from the island of many handsome man like Mel Gibson, HughJackman and Russel Crowe.

Handsome, in his 51 years, this ‘ginger polar bear’ born in Brisbane, lives nowadays in Washington, USA; he is an example of maturity associated with toughness. A big bear in the way you like to see. Besides being civil servant (from which department, please?), Miles is also graduated in Computer Science, he is a photographic model – where he is known as a top bear that can be saw in the renowned magazine Mascular Magazine, having many been in many Bear party campaigns around the world – and actor – having participated in the clip “Drive” from the singer Doug Strahm and the short film “Fire” director Freddy Gonzalez.

Get loose by the boldness of this Australian; his vigor, strength, masculinity and everything that a good Bear appreciator wants at his side. An huge man! Miles.

92 pages

Bear Plus Magazine