Bear Plus International #02 - Brock Hart (USA)

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Brock Hart is the quintessential Bear. He is big, sturdy, hairy, and a cuddly man. He is as kind as he is charming, as good looking as he is masculine. He is an all around perfect example of what the Bear community needs to represent them.

Brock has been credited with doing 19 adult films and has worked as an escort. However, this does not define the man. He has since retired from the adult entertainment business and is pursuing other passions of his.

Brock loves his fans. He is very approachable and always happy to mug for someone asking to take his photograph. He is currently in the Northwest, so if you run into him, do not fear greeting him. He may be imposing at 6’4” tall but he is a gentle giant.

100 pages

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